Real Love

The Colonel 'Real Love' cover art.

1. Real Love (Original) 05:34
2. Real Love (Regroove Classic Cm18 Edit) 07:13
3. Real Love (Koolstyle Remix) 07:22
4. Real Love (Ben Malone Remix) 06:53
5. Real Love (Sole Essential Nude Rhythm Dub) 06:38
6. Real Love (Musol’s Stm Motor Mix) 05:51
7. Real Love (Benny Beatz Summer Mix) 05:31
8. Real Love (Regroove Classic Cm18 Instr Edit) 07:11
9. Real Love (Ben Malone Instrumental) 06:55


05/11/2011 MuSol Recordings | MUSOLDIGI0005



Sheffield duo The Colonel & Charra Love release their first single with MuSol Recordings.

An infectious house groove with exceptional vocals from Charra and an eclectic remix pack means this will be a sure fire hit on all dancefloors.

Review by MuSol at SoundCloud.

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